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Learn about the Hardware and Software used in Computers, Operating Systems, Browsers, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Emails, Printing, etc.Today, we are living in a computer age, where computers play a key role in our everyday lives. In addition to communication media like television, radio and newspaper, we now have another communication medium, i.e. computers. We use computers to email, to chat, for Internet browsing, for teleconferencing, for video conferencing, etc. We also use them for e-learning, e-commerce, e-banking, e-governance, e-ticketing and for many more things. So, fundamental awareness of computers is a must if we wish to lead a successful life. Computer Awareness is essential and an integral part of competitive and entrance exams. This book Computer Awareness- made simple has been specially designed for General competitive examinations like Bank PO, Clerk, SSC, Railway and various entrance examinations. KEY FEATURESIn every chapter the basics of the topics are defined first, followed by Multiple Choice Questions with AnswersIncluding Previous Year MCQs with AnswersTables, Facts, Notes, and Tips clear the concept and easy to memorize6 Practice Sets for self-improvementAt the end of this book the essential Abbreviations and Glossary used in Computers are appendedThis book completely fulfils all the necessity of students appearing at competitive and entrance examination WHAT WILL YOU LEARNComputer, its architecture, hardware- software, memory and its SecurityData Representation, Operating SystemProgramming and Database ConceptsMicrosoft Windows, Microsoft OfficeData Communication and NetworkingInternet and Its Services WHO THIS BOOK IS FORAnyone who wants to learn the basics of computer. This book will play a pivotal role in presenting all the basics of computer you need to become a better learner.